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The FP range of conventional fire alarm panel is ideal for all types of commercial and residential property including schools, shops , factories ,houses in multiple occupation, etc, Easy to install and fully compliant with the requirements of BS 5839 part 4 it boats a wide variety of useful features including and Auto-resetting smoke detector test, a 'class change' bells input and a true battery monitoring circuit. It's broad compatibility with a wide rang of smoke detectors and it's ability to interpret short circuit in any zone(s) as a fire or a fault make it particularly useful for retro- installations.

Lift-off lid for easy first fix and straightforward maintenance
Available in 2,4,6,8,10,12 and 14 Zone versions.
Open or short circuit fault indication on Each Zone.
Detector and sounder circuits share common -ve, allowing three wire retro-Installation.
Engineer Facilities, including one man test (resets smoke detectors) and Zone isolate.
'class change '' bells input.
True battery monitoring circuits.
Complies with BS 5839 part 4
Optional head removal facility for compliance with BS 5839 part 1.
Reverts short circuits = fire (no resistors in call points) for retro installation.
Ancillary connections for repeater panels , fault relays and sounder boards
overseas variants.